Hello world!

Am I excited ….o yeah!!!

This is literally my first post as an official jerk and guess what I love this job already . You all know why we start a new blog , the sad but ultimate truth , for money folks.I actually wanted to say the B word but i promised my conscience that i wont swear so happy clean reading (Me:can i use the N word///cons:no ///ME:dammit) so guys i know you will reading this in the future but , but nevertheless i have to tell you about me a.k.a origin story time .

What ,humans cant have origin stories ? Nerds .

Well it starts as every other origin story as me being a normal really smart guy from a mediocre family living the life as the life wants . One day on an exam night , under pressure a radioactive thought bit my brain from inside (i know right , so cool) . A thought of being super rich and having an endless supply of money . Well the path was just so clear from there I dropped out of college , quit my job and voila i took the path of writing and doing everything humanly possible on a laptop (I so wanted to say lappy there) . It will be fine after some posts with the slang . For now lets say i am not the best typist with nil grammatical errors. I had to edit this post a lot before I could actually post it tbh . But i am glad i am not a newbie at this though because that would suck on a larger scale . For me the happy part is me actually able to write this much because I am not the discipline type .Sitting there writing that much needs patience and well rest just keeps coming up , and i am gonna keep typing until i am sure its long enough and lets just say i am not satisfied yet . Got carried away there , back to the story then . So why did i wanted to be an official jerk ? good question .the answer is the janitor job was taken .

haha I am just kidding but seriously it was taken . Since the thought bit my brain i am having these weird thoughts to over power everyone that over power me and that folks is pretty much everyone . And guess what they all called me a Jerk!

First I was offended by it but when people just kept saying and i quote “your am such a jerk”  ,it started sounding like music to my ears  .  And when someone says that i just ask him if they have something other than stating the obvious .Its such a burn  , actually one of my favorite moments . Sometimes am just out there for the sake of fighting or getting in trouble so that someone just go ahead and say it and if they don’t i make sure they say it . That’s  pretty much my life and i am gonna keep sharing until I am rich so adios amigos keep following me and you might learn something new


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